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IT drivers description > IT03: Common programming model - Pg. 466

IT drivers description This section provides a detailed description of the IT drivers that were summarized in Table 4-1 on page 89 in Chapter 4, "Business and IT drivers" on page 83. IT01: Multi device access to Web applications Extending access to corporate Web applications by tailoring the Web content for a class of devices. For example, extending access to corporate information such as an online telephone book, and mobile access to a corporate intranet. In this case the range of supported devices is limited. Typically the mobile view of the application will be created during the development process. IT02: Write once, render many Device-independent authoring to support to concept of write once, render many to a broad range of users and mobile devices. When operating in the public domain such as the Internet, the devices types change frequently and can be very unpredictable. There is a need to provide a dynamic mechanism to support