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Chapter 6: Runtime patterns and Product ... > Select Runtime pattern and Product m... - Pg. 134

Runtime pattern Distributed Collaboration Client::Runtime pattern Runtime pattern description This pattern extends the Distributed Rich Client::Runtime pattern by providing nodes for applications using collaboration functions. Distributed client extension services in conjunction with Distributed collaboration services and Distributed client services deliver these collaboration services for online and/or disconnected operation. Note: Disconnected work is not possible for all collaboration scenarios (for example, not for instant messaging). Hint: Runtime for Eclipse-based clients with collaboration functions. This pattern provides the nodes required to securely access the (server-side) application and runtime environment in the intranet with devices using insecure (public) networks. The Connectivity and Access for Mobile services deliver VPN functions (security), session management, and packet transport optimization. Note: Runtime for clients with VPN Product mapping key IBM software IBM Workplace Collaboration Services and Workplace Managed ClientTM IBM WebSphere Everyplace Deployment IBM Workplace Client Technology, Enterprise Offering Roaming Connectivity:: Runtime pattern IBM WebSphere Everyplace Connection Manager (server and client)