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There are many books on data structures and algorithms, and somebooks laying out useful libraries of C functions, but this bookaims to give you a unique combination of theoretical background andworking code. In offering robust solutions for everyday programmingtasks, Mastering Algorithms with C avoids the abstract styleof most classic data structures and algorithms texts but stillprovides all the information you need to understand the purpose anduse of common programming techniques. Implementations, as well asinteresting, real-world examples of each data structure andalgorithm, are shown in the text. Full source code appears on theaccompanying disk. Using both a programming style and a writingstyle that are exceptionally clean, Kyle Loudon shows you how touse such essential data structures as lists, stacks, queues, sets,trees, heaps, priority queues, and graphs. He shows you how to usealgorithms for sorting, searching, numerical analysis, datacompression, data encryption, common graph problems, andcomputational geometry. He also describes the relative efficiencyof all implementations. The compression and encryption chapters notonly give you working code for reasonably efficient solutions, theyexplain concepts in an approachable manner for people who neverhave had the time or expertise to study them in depth. Anyone witha basic understanding of the C language can use this book. In orderto provide maintainable and extendible code, an extra level ofabstraction (such as pointers to functions) is used in exampleswhere appropriate. Understanding that these techniques may beunfamiliar to some programmers, Loudon explains them clearly in theintroductory chapters. Contents include:

  • Pointers

  • Recursion

  • Analysis of algorithms

  • Data structures (lists, stacks, queues, sets, hash tables,trees, heaps, priority queues, graphs)

  • Sorting and searching

  • Numerical methods

  • Data compression

  • Data encryption

  • Graph algorithms

  • Geometric algorithms

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