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Freely available source code, with contributions from thousands ofprogrammers around the world: this is the spirit of the softwarerevolution known as Open Source. Open Source has grabbed thecomputer industry's attention. Netscape has opened the source codeto Mozilla; IBM supports Apache; major database vendors havedported their products to Linux. As enterprises realize the power ofthe open-source development model, Open Source is becoming a viablemainstream alternative to commercial software. Now in OpenSources, leaders of Open Source come together for the firsttime to discuss the new vision of the software industry they havecreated. The essays in this volume offer insight into how the OpenSource movement works, why it succeeds, and where it is going. Forprogrammers who have labored on open-source projects, OpenSources is the new gospel: a powerful vision from themovement's spiritual leaders. For businesses integratingopen-source software into their enterprise, Open Sourcesreveals the mysteries of how open development builds bettersoftware, and how businesses can leverage freely available softwarefor a competitive business advantage. The contributors here havebeen the leaders in the open-source arena:

  • Brian Behlendorf (Apache)

  • Kirk McKusick (Berkeley Unix)

  • Tim O'Reilly (Publisher, O'Reilly &Associates)

  • Bruce Perens (Debian Project, Open SourceInitiative)

  • Tom Paquin and Jim Hamerly (,Netscape)

  • Eric Raymond (Open Source Initiative)

  • Richard Stallman (GNU, Free Software Foundation,Emacs)

  • Michael Tiemann (Cygnus Solutions)

  • Linus Torvalds (Linux)

  • Paul Vixie (Bind)

  • Larry Wall (Perl)

This book explains why the majority of the Internet's servers useopen- source technologies for everything from the operating systemto Web serving and email. Key technology products developed withopen-source software have overtaken and surpassed the commercialefforts of billion dollar companies like Microsoft and IBM todominate software markets. Learn the inside story of what ledNetscape to decide to release its source code using the open-sourcemode. Learn how Cygnus Solutions builds the world's best compilersby sharing the source code. Learn why venture capitalists areeagerly watching Red Hat Software, a company that gives its keyproduct -- Linux -- away. For the first time in print, this bookpresents the story of the open- source phenomenon told by thepeople who created this movement. Open Sources will bringyou into the world of free software and show you the revolution.

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