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Anyone who installs Windows 2000, creates a user, or adds a printer is a 2000 system administrator. This book covers all the important day-to-day administrative tasks, and the tools for performing each task are included in a handy easy-to-look-up alphabetical reference. What's the same and what's different between the Windows 2000 and Windows NT platform? Has the GUI or the networking architecture changed, and if so, how? Windows 2000 Administration in a Nutshell addresses the problems associated with bridging the gap between the Windows NT and Windows 2000 platforms. This book covers:

  • Commonalities and differences between Windows NT and Windows 2000

  • All the administrative tasks, including Installation, Group Policies, Terminal Services, User Accounts, and Virtual Private Networks

  • Microsoft Management Console tool (MMC)

  • What's new and significant in the Control Panel utilities

  • Command-line Tools, Utilities and Wizards

  • TCP/IP networking with Windows 2000

Whether the concern is new security issues or how Active Directory works, Windows 2000 Administration in a Nutshell is as useful to the single-system home user as it is to the administrator of a 1,000-node corporate network.

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