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Microsoft's Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript), a subset of Visual Basic for Applications, is a powerful language for Internet application development, where it can serve as a scripting language for server-side Internet applications (i.e., Active Server Pages), and client-side web pages. It can also be used for system scripting (i.e., Windows Script Host scripts) and programming Outlook forms. The greater part of this book is an alphabetical VBScript language reference to all VBScript statements, keywords and objects, emphasizing the following details:

  • The syntax, using standard code conventions

  • A list of arguments accepted by the function or procedure, if any exist

  • A description of the data returned by a function

  • A discussion of how and where the keyword should be used within the scripting environment

  • A section of notes and solutions to real-world gotchas, and various undocumented behaviors and aspects of the language that help the reader avoid potential problems

  • A section that focuses on the differences between the language element in VBA and in VBScript

  • A brief example to illustrate the use of the keyword

  • Basic language information on VBScript data types, constants, variables, and arrays

  • The difference between VBScript and VBA or JavaScript

  • The use of the MSIE, Active Server, Outlook, and Windows Script Host object models to interface a script with the application it's controlling

  • Tables listing VBScript functions and statements by category

  • The version-specific features of VBScript

Supplementing this focus on VBScript language essentials is a wealth of additional information about VBScript, including:

Regardless of the types of scripts you're using VBScript to create, VBScript in a Nutshell is the only book you'll need by your side--a complete and easy-to-use language reference.

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