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Learn how to make useful, attractive Web sites with iWeb! Apple'siWeb aims to help you build an attractive Web site quickly andeasily, but not all of iWeb's features are fully explained. If youwant step-by-step instructions and plenty of time-saving tips, Webpro Steve Sande can help. In Take Control of iWeb, Stevewalks you through all the steps for building an iWeb site anduploading it to .Mac or to another Web host. You can look over hisshoulder as he enhances iWeb's templates with a designer's eye,using tools like masks, reflections, and Instant Alpha. Steveteaches you the best ways to make all types of iWeb pages-includingblog, podcast, photo, and movie pages-and he covers topics that gobeyond the basics and way beyond the online help. You'll learn howadd special elements to your site: iPhoto albums and galleries,YouTube videos, Google AdSense ads, Google maps, and forms thatintegrate with Google Docs. You'll also find coverage of how toedit graphics so your site loads faster, how to import podcasts andvideos, how to make image maps, and even ideas for working withCafePress, Google Checkout, and Zen Cart to create an online store.Read this book to learn the answers to questions such as:

  • How do I create graphical effects like those in the aboveclickable images?

  • What are smart guidelines for naming sites and Web pages?

  • What's the deal with iWeb Domain files?

  • What URL will my home page end up with?

  • How do I create an RSS feed for my blog?

  • How do I make an image map? (There is a way!)

  • Can I create an entire online store with iWeb?

  • How do I edit a graphic so its background color matches thecolor of my page?

  • What if I don't want to publish to .Mac?

  • What if I want to publish to .Mac, but with my own domain namein my URL?

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