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Building on the success of its storefront and fulfillment services, Amazon now allows businesses to "rent" computing power, data storage and bandwidth on its vast network platform. This book demonstrates how developers working with small- to mid-sized companies can take advantage of Amazon Web Services (AWS) such as the Simple Storage Service (S3), Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Simple Queue Service (SQS), Flexible Payments Service (FPS), and SimpleDB to build web-scale business applications. With AWS, Amazon offers a new paradigm for IT infrastructure: use what you need, as you need it, and pay as you go. Programming Amazon Web Services explains how you can access Amazon's open APIs to store and run applications, rather than spend precious time and resources building your own. With this book, you'll learn all the technical details you need to:

  • Store and retrieve any amount of data using application servers, unlimited data storage, and bandwidth with the Amazon S3 service

  • Buy computing time using Amazon EC2's interface to requisition machines, load them with an application environment, manage access permissions, and run your image using as many or few systems as needed

  • Use Amazon's web-scale messaging infrastructure to store messages as they travel between computers with Amazon SQS

  • Leverage the Amazon FPS service to structure payment instructions and allow the movement of money between any two entities, humans or computers

  • Create and store multiple data sets, query your data easily, and return the results using Amazon SimpleDB.

  • Scale up or down at a moment's notice, using these services to employ as much time and space as you need

Whether you're starting a new online business, need to ramp up existing services, or require an offsite backup for your home, Programming Amazon Web Services gives you the background and the practical knowledge you need to start using AWS. Other books explain how to build web services. This book teaches businesses how to take make use of existing services from an established technology leader.

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"Excellent example code" - by gngriswold on 29-JAN-2011
Reviewer Rating: 1 star rating2 star rating3 star rating4 star rating5 star rating
This book contains excellent, and very complete example code in the Ruby language.  As such, it is an ideal source for any Ruby developer wishing to use AWS.  While many other AWS books focus on using a higher, level object oriented API.  James documents how to use AWS with nothing more than an few basic libraries like, http, ssl, etc.

The http interface to AWS is simple enough that is is worth learning.  I started with AWS using a highly recommended ruby library, but after a while discovered the library was incapable of retrieving S3 data that was outside the US.  So, I decided that working from lower level libraries was less risky.

While the author argues that ruby is a highly readable language, and is therefore good for example code, that strikes me as an exaggeration.  However, the O'Reilly website does contain a sample code download that includes the sample code in 4 languages.

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