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If you're interested in recording and streaming media using FlashMedia Server 3 (FMS3) and Adobe's Real-Time Messaging Protocol,this unique 267-page PDF-only book is the perfect primer. It is nota reference, but a systematic guide to developing FMS3 applicationsusing ActionScript 3.0, with chapters that focus on specificaspects of the server and how they work.FMS3 is very different from regular web servers. Because itsopen-socket server technology stays connected until users quit theapplication, you can stream audio, video, text, and other media inreal time. FMS3 is also quite different from previous versions, afact that web developers familiar with Flash Media Server 2 orFlash Communication Server 1.5 will quickly discover.Don't worry. With Learning Flash Media Server 3 and alittle experience with Flash CS3 and ActionScript 3.0, anyone canget up to speed in no time. You'll learn how to install FMS3,organize your development environment with Apache web server, anduse the management console before diving into the whys and hows of:

  • Recording and playing back streaming audio and video in VP6 andH.264 formats

  • Using the new Flash Media Encoder to stream and recordvideo

  • Camera and microphone settings

  • Non-persistent client-side remote shared objects

  • Two-way audio-video communications

  • Broadcasting and server-side bandwidth control

  • Working with server-side files: the file class

  • Server-side shared objects

  • Server-side streams

  • Setting up a software load handler using FMS3's new server-sideNetStream

  • Bringing in data and working with configuration files

At the heart of every chapter is a core set of code that shows theminimum requirements needed for different procedures. Beyond that,Learning Flash Media Server 3 provides you with plenty ofoptions for using FMS3's different versions -- the full-featureserver, the streaming-only server, and the limited-user developmentserver. It's a whole new world of media, and this book puts youright at the doorstep. Ready to enter?

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