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If you want to try your hand at developing rich Internet applications with Adobe's Flex 3, and already have experience with frameworks such as .NET or Java, this is the ideal book to get you started. Programming Flex 3 gives you a solid understanding of Flex 3's core concepts, and valuable insight into how, why, and when to use specific Flex features. Numerous examples and sample code demonstrate ways to build complete, functional applications for the Web, using the free Flex SDK, and RIAs for the desktop, using Adobe AIR. This book is an excellent companion to Adobe's Flex 3 reference documentation. With this book, you will:

  • Learn the underlying details of the Flex framework

  • Program with MXML and ActionScript

  • Arrange the layout and deal with UI components

  • Work with media

  • Manage state for applications and components

  • Use transitions and effects

  • Debug your Flex applications

  • Create custom components

  • Embed Flex applications in web browsers

  • Build AIR applications for the desktop

Flex 3 will put you at the forefront of the RIA revolution on both the Web and the desktop. Programming Flex 3 will help you get the most from this amazing and sophisticated technology.

Subscriber Reviews

Average Rating: 4.666666666666667 out of 5 rating Based on 3 Ratings

"Nice book to learn Flex" - by Amit Gupta on 12-JAN-2010
Reviewer Rating: 1 star rating2 star rating3 star rating4 star rating5 star rating
I have been doing Flex programming for a few years now and I have read the official Flex documentation. But I still learned new things from this book.

I only wish the final chapter about the sample application was better explained.

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"A great book to get started learning Flex 3" - by jwhite1202 on 17-NOV-2009
Reviewer Rating: 1 star rating2 star rating3 star rating4 star rating5 star rating
I have gone through several getting started with Flex 3 type books and found this to be the most complete.  I found the vast majority of the code samples to work exactly as they entered in the book.  I did have some issues when getting to the web service code, but it runs for the most part.  Over, this is a very good hands on approach to getting to learn many of the things a Flex Developer would need to know how to do.
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