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What's it like to work on a great software development team facing an impossible problem? How do you build an effective team? Can a group of people who don't get along still build good software? How does a team leader keep everyone on track when the stakes are high and the schedule is tight? Beautiful Teams takes you behind the scenes with some of the most interesting teams in software engineering history. You'll learn from veteran team leaders' successes and failures, told through a series of engaging personal stories -- and interviews -- by leading programmers, architects, project managers, and thought leaders. This book includes contributions from:

  • Tim O'Reilly

  • Scott Berkun

  • Mark Healey

  • Bill DiPierre

  • Andy Lester

  • Keoki Andrus

  • Tom Tarka

  • Auke Jilderda

  • Grady Booch

  • Jennifer Greene

  • Mike Cohn

  • Cory Doctorow

  • Neil Siegel

  • Trevor Field

  • James Grenning

  • Steve McConnell

  • Barry Boehm and Maria H. Penedo

  • Peter Gluck

  • Karl E. Wiegers

  • Alex Martelli

  • Karl Fogel

  • Michael Collins

  • Karl Rehmer

  • Andrew Stellman

  • Ned Robinson

  • Scott Ambler

  • Johanna Rothman

  • Mark Denovich and Eric Renkey

  • Patricia Ensworth

  • Andy Oram

  • Tony Visconti

Beautiful Teams is edited by Andrew Stellman and Jennifer Greene, veteran software engineers and project managers who have been writing bestselling books for O'Reilly since 2005, including Applied Software Project Management, Head First PMP, and Head First C#.

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