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Do you really understand your online presence? Are you confident that visitors can use your website? Do you know their motivations? How do online communities perceive your company? To innovate and adapt your business quickly, you must know the answers to these questions. Complete Web Monitoring demonstrates how to measure every aspect of your web presence -- including analytics, backend performance, usability, communities, customer feedback, and competitive analysis -- whether you're running an e-commerce site, a community, a media property, or a Software-as-a-Service company. This book's concrete examples, clear explanations, and practical recommendations make it essential for anyone who runs a website. With this book you will:

  • Discover how visitors use and interact with your site through web analytics, segmentation, conversions, and user interaction analysis

  • Find out your market's motivations with voice-of-the-customer research

  • Measure the health and availability of your website with synthetic testing and real-user monitoring

  • Track communities related to your online presence, including social networks, forums, blogs, microblogs, wikis, and social news aggregators

  • Understand how to assemble this data into clear reports tailored to your organization and audience

You can't fix what you don't measure. Complete Web Monitoring shows you how to transform missed opportunities, frustrated users, and spiraling costs into online success.

"This is a very comprehensive view of just about everything one needs to know about how websites work and what one needs to know about them. I'd like to make this book required reading for every employee at Gomez." -- Imad Mouline, CTO of Gomez

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"Complete Web Monitoring" - by Ryan Frantz on 15-SEP-2010
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While in the process of attempting to define performance metrics for an upcoming web load balancing project, I found this book.  It really helped me focus my attention on the important aspects of my particular deployment so that I don't have to chase my tail trying to make log details meet expectations.  Instead, it showed me that the first step is defining the expectation and then parsing the log details (or similar source) to understand how close (or far) I am from my intended mark.  I especially liked the simple breakdown of a company's monitoring maturity (levels 1-5); that helped me recognize how much farther I have to go to improve my internal metric definitions and monitoring processes.

Though there were several sections that didn't apply to my scenario (the authors segment websites into 4 general classes), I found this to be very informative and instructional reference.  They include several example tools and suggestions to give any webmaster a head start on improving his web monitoring.

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