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Many claims are made about how certain tools, technologies, and practices improve software development. But which claims are verifiable, and which are merely wishful thinking? In this book, leading thinkers such as Steve McConnell, Barry Boehm, and Barbara Kitchenham offer essays that uncover the truth and unmask myths commonly held among the software development community. Making Software will open your eyes and help you choose the tools and technologies that are right for you.

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"Excellent Reference" - by BruceKenny on 11-DEC-2010
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A broad collection of essays by leading authors and practitioners from around the SW industry. Each chapter is an independent subject allowing for "quick hit" reads. Use as a starting point to wade into a topic or as a up-to-date refresher on a topic that is core to our industry. Keep this one on your bookshelf and reach for it when you need to recharge, a refresher on a topic or a few moments to think away from the tactical issues... Excellent overall work.
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"Review" - by johnrod on 02-DEC-2010
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This is a set of scholarly research papers which is interesting for, not only the results, but also the methods and the places under study. There are two parts on general principles and specific topics by forty-five authors and a pair of editors. The table of contents shows the titles and subjects for thirty chapters, each of which also has a list of references. Part of the book's implicit knowledge comes from how the authors answered their questions as well as how they present the evidence. The question becomes how to measure and improve these skills in other organizations and on a more continuous basis. The most common areas of interest are productivity metrics and measurement. These are shown for different software development process models and code bases. They also look at the limitations of education. There are some new concepts such as socio-technical congruence as a measure of coordination.

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