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Perform data analysis with R quickly and efficiently using the task-oriented recipes in this cookbook. The R language and environment include everything necessary to perform statistical work right out of the box, but its structure can often be difficult for beginners and experienced computer geeks alike. R Cookbook offers a collection of concise recipes that will help you be productive with R immediately.

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"Excellent book to learn R" - by Anshu Gupta on 16-MAY-2014
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R Cookbook is an excellent book to learn R step by step. In today's world where Data analytic is playing a big role, R is gaining popularity and has become a common language for data analytics. R cookbook gives a deep insights on different features available in R and gives a step by step approach to use features available in R.

R cookbook should be referred by all newbies who want to make an entry in field of Data Analytics.

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"R Cookbook" - by Anonymous on 06-DEC-2012
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"Simple, yet powerful" - by Michal Konrad Owsiak on 06-AUG-2011
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Simply put, one of the best R starters around. What you get here are recipes for most common problems you will face while working with R. This book is an extended version of 25 Recipes for Getting Started with R. However, the coverage of material is different. While 25 Recipes focus on getting started with R, R Cookbook penetrates the subject in greater details and goes beyond simple usage of R. You will find here not only how to load data, manipulate it and plot some graphic. You can find description of various statistical analysis as well.

This book, is not for a reading in bed just before you go to sleep. It is too pragmatic. Simple definition of the problem and just after that, simple solution – that’s what you get when it comes to each issue covered within the book. This is the strength of R Cookbook. On the other hand, it’s weakness. If you cant find the question within table of contents it might be hard to get the answer for what you ask about. As I like pragmatic approach, I like the book as well. For me it’s just perfect. Well, maybe just too short.

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