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Dismantle the overwhelming complexity in your IT projects with strategies and real-world examples from a leading expert on enterprise architecture. This guide describes best practices for creating an efficient IT organization that consistently delivers on time, on budget, and in line with business needs.

IT systems have become too complex—and too expensive. Complexity can create delays, cost overruns, and outcomes that do not meet business requirements. The resulting losses can impact your entire company. This guide demonstrates that, contrary to popular belief, complex problems demand simple solutions. The author believes that 50 percent of the complexity of a typical IT project can and should be eliminated—and he shows you how to do it.

You’ll learn a model for understanding complexity, the three tenets of complexity control, and how to apply specific techniques such as checking architectures for validity. Find out how the author’s methodology could have saved a real-world IT project that went off track, and ways to implement his solutions in a variety of situations.

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"Simple Architectures for Complex Enterprises" - by mnoto3 on 27-MAR-2014
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Complexity reduction is important, no doubt.  The book is very good at explaining the problem space and describing the math behind SIP, but I think it falls a bit short in helping the practitioner actually perform SIP. Would have appreciated some real world examples of partitioning--perhaps a case study of the actual application of this process would have been more valuable to readers that a discussion of how SIP might help the UK fix its healthcare IT system.
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"Complexity a driving factor" - by Tinu on 28-AUG-2013
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Very useful book for my work as IT - Architect.
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