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This 2-in-1 training kit delivers in-depth preparation plus practice for 70-680, the exam for the new MCTS: Windows 7, Configuration certification. Ace your exam prep—and build real-world job skills—with lessons, labs, and practice tests.

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"Dry and hard to follow" - by Dan on 14-NOV-2011
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While Ian and Orin obviously have lots to offer the potential candidate following this course of study, they seem to be focused on the idea of the book being a classroom based training supplement.
The "Real World" preludes to the chapters are more like editorials or footnotes in history of the authors. It would have been better to have some quotes from people other than the authors and maybe a little ice-breaker humour?
While depth was there, the book was written as though it was more of a brain-dump of notes by the authors with sporadic examples of code. Sometime paragraphs, code and the examples were copied and pasted from vista and windows server training materials and not reviewed for how they read when combined.  The practice was disjointed and seems like it would be great in their classroom labs but doesn't cater to the independent person studying at home with virtual machines and no domain server present.
Tables of figures and options for commands could be laid out on the side, and flow of text could discuss its uses and combinations but no code until the practice is initiated because this broke the flow. Practice should be interested in helping people setting up their own practice environment and then using it, because most working people will most likely have to drive their own study and wont have the luxury of classroom directed learning, see the target audience in the introduction for more information about who the book is trying to reach.
Domain specific examples could be a thought process and specific practice clearly stating it relies on the domain example, please try to follow along as best you can if you do not have a domain to practice with.
I read and practiced as much as I could and used as many other sources and customer facing experience to try to figure out the bits I could not achieve with this book.
You may find it helpful to focus on Microsoft's official exam objectives so you can try to hang the information provided here onto some category. Some topics may seem out of sequence in the chapters, so it helps to be able to hang concepts off your own cognitive structure and match it up to the exam objectives.
On the whole I passed, but I would not recommend paying for this as a reference book nor as a home study book as it fits neither purpose. has this available on on their read online subscription system for less than a tenth of the cost for a book you will never pick up again.
The DVD/CD is magic as the practice exam helped humble my growing opinion of my skills despite obvious errors in at least two questions. It is a pity there is not an update system for the practice exam software.  
technet has generic versions of many of the exercises and in depth detail of how to use commands. Best of all is searchable.

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