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This 2-in-1 TRAINING KIT delivers in-depth preparation plus practice for 70-511, the required exam for the MCTS certification: Configuring Microsoft .NET Framework 4. Ace your exam prep—and build real-world job skills.

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"Helpful but needs you to supplement with research" - by DanMan on 03-OCT-2012
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Having used the "Self-Paced Training Kit" to prepare for my 70-511 exam, I can say that the book is a good point of departure for learning the basics of WPF, especially when you take the time to complete the assignments offered with each chapter.

However, you will need to do a supplementary course or thorough research on many of the topics discussed (and use up-to-date certification preparation software such as MeasureUp) if you are planning to take the certification test.

Also look for the online addendums to the book and the practice tests offered with it as there are many errors.

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"Methodically Abysmal Tech Writing and Propaganda" - by Anonymous on 22-MAY-2012
Reviewer Rating: 1 star rating2 star rating3 star rating4 star rating5 star rating
  This is purely a propaganda vehicle for Microsoft's products, of no value in preparing for the exam.
  There is no benefit to be recieved by enduring this uninformed, nonsensical collection of words. Given that there are more errors, misleading implications, anti-patterns, and pointless repetitions of irrelevant statements, reading this book actually causes harm and leaves its readers worse off than not having read it.

  The book was written entirely by an untrained tech writer who simply copied random text from the Microsoft docs and Visual Studio UI, and then drew incorrect or irrelevant comclusions based only on what they read.
  The book is filled out by algorithmically wasting space; for example, repeating the 'system requirements' in every single chapter and then again in its own section. The rest of the space is filled with tables listing ex. the text you see in the VS property window.
  The attempts at explanatory comments follow the pattern of ex. "The TextBox control is a control that represents text in a box. The text of the TextBox can be set by setting the Text property."
  The higer-level explanations are purely overreaching, unsupported propaganda, ex. "WPF is the best, easiest and most advanced solution for all user interfaces always, just because we say so".

The so-called 'Real World' observations by the Microsoft employee supposedly associated with the book are again purely useless algorithmic propaganda, ex. "I often find that in the real world I need to do <stuff>, and <whatever solution Microsoft is pandering in this chapter> is unconditionally perfect for that task in its entireity, always."

  The reader is insulted with, on average, two 'test questions' per chapter of the form: "Which of the following are ways to set the text property of a TextBox named textbox1? 1) listbox.TextualItem 2) textbox2.Text 3) textbox1.BackgroundColor 4) textbox1.Text".

  Setting aside the anti-value delivered by the content of the book, reading it was painfull, slow and difficult due to the poor editing, purely mechanical writing style, objectionable promotional content. Frankly I found the book insulting in many ways, professionally and intellectually.

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