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Build the skills to apply Microsoft .NET collections effectively

Put .NET collections to work—and manage issues with GUI data binding, threading, data querying, and storage. Led by a data collection expert, you'll gain task-oriented guidance, exercises, and extensive code samples to tackle common problems and improve application performance. This one-stop reference is designed for experienced Microsoft Visual Basic and C# developers—whether you’re already using collections or just starting out.

Discover how to:

  • Implement arrays, associative arrays, stacks, linked lists, and other collection types

  • Apply built in .NET collection classes by learning their methods and properties

  • Add enumerator, dictionary, and other .NET collection interfaces to your classes

  • Query collections by writing simple to complex Microsoft LINQ statements

  • Synchronize data across threads using built in .NET synchronization classes

  • Enhance your custom collection classes with serialization support

  • Use simple data binding to display collections in Windows Forms, Microsoft Silverlight, and Windows Presentation Foundation

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