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``And Your Point Is?'' > ``And Your Point Is?'' - Pg. 107

sangria, sippy cups, and jesse ventura 107 I began to realize what John [Strauss, the manager in charge of training at this resort] had meant by patience and understanding. He had put in place a training program for people with absolutely no conception of international hotel service; let alone how to achieve it. He had done this through judging, by attitude, whom we should or shouldn't hire, then patiently helping them understand how and why we did things, and doing this in a way that wouldn't make them reluctant to go on asking questions until they got it right. 9 While allowing employees to take work home with them may not be what's called for in your situation, creating an environment where asking questions and making mistakes is absolutely encouraged and sup- port is provided by peers, may be exactly what you are looking for. ``and your point is?'' > Your employees need to understand their purpose in your organization and be given the power and encouragement to act autonomously to support that purpose, or you'll lose customers from your lack of flexibility. Employees hired, oriented, and reinforced properly, surrounded by peers of the same caliber, will thrive when given significant autonomy--and wither otherwise. All pay being approximately equal, an employee will sprint to the employer that offers more freedom. You want customer relations to be on the shoulders of your employees. But as long as you're defining every little thing--and rewarding/punishing based on seemingly arbitrary criteria--you won't get them to carry that responsibility. The orientation period is when you can make great strides toward getting the most out of your team. This orientation should be led by the highest possible level in the company American Managememt Association · > > >