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PART TWO: High-Tech, High-Touch Anticipa... > CHAPTER 7 Sangria, Sippy Cups, and J... - Pg. 95

chapter 7 sangria, sippy cups, and jesse ventura autonomy versus standards in news stories that had the Twittersphere absolutely buzzing (there's no better word for it), two of America's largest casual restaurant brands--Applebee's and Olive Garden--managed, in separate inci- dents, to serve alcoholic beverages to a fifteen-month-old and a two-year- old, respectively (alcoholic margarita mix in a sippy cup to the fifteen- month-old; sangria to the two-year-old), between late March and early April 2011. 1 In a more deadly incident, one of a string of similar inci- dents at medical facilities, the Fresno Community Regional Medical Center in December 2010 gave Elena Silva an accidental 300-milliliter, instead of the intended, similar-looking 300-unit (6-milliliter), dose of the blood-thinning drug Heparin. In other words, Ms. Silva received fifty times what had been prescribed, thus making Heparin toxicity a ``significant condition'' contributing to her death. 2 Does this mean the cheery service professionals at Applebee's or Olive Garden enjoy giving toddlers a buzz? Or that community hospital nurses don't care whether they're administering a lethal dose of blood thinner? Assuredly not. Rather, I believe the mixups were due to a lack of standards. 95 American Managememt Association ·