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CHAPTER 1 Today's Changed Customer: Maki... > Customer Trend #4: Customer Empowerm... - Pg. 16

16 timeliness and timelessness driven us to reconsider our definition of the good life. People are find- ing happiness in old-fashioned virtues.'' Examples are everywhere: Urban and suburban women flouting zoning regulations to raise their own hens in their side yards; the prac- tice of ``cow-pooling'' (where several families join forces to share in the purchase of a cow); or the surge in popularity of Hunter boots, the boots that the Queen of England wears when she walks her corgis: This footwear classic combines authentic story and excellent product and, as a result, has caught fire. Customers are looking for old standbys that can become hip again. A backstory--history--has become important to the consumer. ``People are looking for things that are authentic,'' says interior designer and web phenomenon Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan ( The drive for authenticity, according to Gillingham-Ryan, ``will resonate with people as long as we live in these times.'' 7 But we are living in these times, so don't be fooled into thinking