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Internet Explorer 8 changes the Web for the better. This essential guide will teach web developers to adapt their code.

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"Dishonest dismissal of flaws" - by Andrea on 18-OCT-2011
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Here we have an entire book to discuss a single - and simple - layout technique. The technique itself has one rather important flaw, which is that you give up all control over source order. With a whole book dedicated to this single matter, you would at least expect this aspect to be discussed in some depth. Instead, it is dismissed with one sentence and a link to a honest but limited (both in number of testers and in scope) research. The latter only showed how having the main navigation of a site before or after the content was of little importance to screen reader and text browser users. Ignoring the researcher's warning that this may well not be the case for other portions of a web page such as sidebars, this book's authors happily extend this conclusion to the ordering of any content.
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