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Introduction - Pg. xi

Introduction Welcome to DIY Wedding Photo and Video: Professional Techniques for the Amateur Documentarian. A DIY documentarian is an excellent alternative to expensive profes- sional shooters, and brings creativity and personalization to photo and video projects in ways that professionals can't. This book is designed to help both the wedding couple and their DIY documentarian navigate the world of wedding photography and videography. If you are considering asking a friend to shoot your wedding, or if you are an accomplished hobbyist shooting a wedding for the first time, this guide will help you plan and execute the project. With detailed information about organization, technical skills, and the common issues in each part of a wedding, this book serves as a roadmap from pre-production to present- ing your final work. There are all kinds of images in this book: pictures from seasoned professionals, snap- shots from friends, video stills, intentionally flawed demo shots, and the work of highly practiced hobbyists. This is intentional; this book is not meant to teach the reader to become a professional photographer or videographer, but is instead meant to teach the