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Sinatra gives developers a small but powerful and scalable framework for building web applications with Ruby. This introduction gets readers started, helping them to build, install, and polish a first application. It also explores how Sinatra fits in the web application ecosystem, especially in comparison to its far larger cousin, Ruby on Rails.

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Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 rating Based on 4 Ratings

"Good deep dive" - by Jeff H on 12-JAN-2012
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I initially read "Sinatra, The Book" ( and fell in love with the framework. However, I felt that the online book didn't go into the detail that I wanted.

This book definitely did.

Not only do you get a great handle on Sinatra and the code that powers it, you also get a glimpse at Rack and how the two frameworks work together.

My only criticisms are that there are a number of spelling mistakes and the final chapter felt a bit rushed.

Overall, though, a solid book.

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