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Jazz up your iPhone and iPad apps with some slick graphics and animation—and keep users from looking elsewhere. This short and concise cookbook shows developers with even little Cocoa programming experience how to create impressive graphics and animation effects with relatively easy coding. Learn how to incorporate smooth animations, load custom fonts, and draw images in your apps to achieve the classy look you want, with these practical recipes.

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Average Rating: 1.8 out of 5 rating Based on 5 Ratings

"This book is useless. Just read the API docs." - by Anonymous on 25-SEP-2012
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There is less detail in this book than in Apple's API docs.  This book is a worthless repeat of some of what is readily available for free on  Much more detail can be had in Apple's guides.  Don't waste your time.
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"code snippets for graphics manipulation" - by Michal Konrad Owsiak on 06-AUG-2011
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Graphics and Animation on iOS is another book devoted to iOS written by Vandad Nahavandipoor. He has also written iOS 4 Programming Cookbook. Graphics and Animation on iOS seems to be a supplement for iOS 4 Programming Cookbook. You can find here topics that are not covered in previous book. These topics touch the issues related to graphics manipulation within iPhone applications. Even though the book is not a typical Cookbook, it has similar style.

Book itself is rather thin. It covers just few topics. You will find here basics that most of programmers face sooner or later and it is addressed to people who start their experience with iOS development. That means, issues explained within the book are not very sophisticated. You will find here answers to commonly asked questions like: how do I draw something on the screen, how do I draw a text, how can I scale the image (shape), how can I rotate the image (shape), etc.

Graphics and Animation on iOS is a typical “learn by example” tutorial. Examples are very simple and supporting code makes running them as simple as copy-paste. One remark here. Copying examples from book into XCode doesn’t preserve formatting which means you have to manually reformat code within IDE. In fact, you mostly work with _single_ UIView method – drawRect throughout the book. Everything happens inside it. This is really nice.

Book has two drawbacks. First of all, title implies that both graphics and animation will be covered in, let’s say, equal proportion. This is not quite true. Animation related topics are like 10% of the whole book. Another issue is that I miss clipping related section – this is usually an issue when it comes to graphics related development.

In overall I think this book is really devoted to iOS beginners. On the other hand you can always use it as a handy snippets base with detailed explanation. What is really nice here is that code examples are really small and functional.

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"Just a copy from Apple's website" - by Anonymous on 24-JUN-2011
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Book just copies the documentation from Apple's dev site.  I take that back.  Apple's documentation is still better.  Don't bother with this one.  I wasted a slot in my safari bookshelf for this one.
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