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HTML5 is revolutionizing the way web applications are developed, and this practical, hands-on book puts you right in the middle the action. You'll learn how to build interactive multimedia applications with HTML5's Canvas, using this new element to draw, animate, compose images, and more. You'll also learn the best way to use existing JavaScript libraries, as well as how to incorporate related aspects such as audio and video.

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"HTML5 Canvas" - by djrtmi42 on 18-JAN-2012
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Excellent resource on HTML5 canvas. As expected, this book is both a good source on learning how to use the canvas tag and as a reference on the details of the canvas tag.

Much if not all of the information contained in this book can be found online, but not in any one location as is presented here.

A strong understanding of JavaScript is required to fully understand the canvas tag.

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"Good fundimentals. JS knowledge required!" - by specto on 17-OCT-2011
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This is a good book to get you started if you need a fundamental understanding of how to utilize HTML5 Canvas, and provides a good refresher for the required Javascript to drive it.

This book makes assumptions that you already have a background in javascript programming, and if you don't, you'll more than likely be lost.  If you do not know JS, you'll probably want to start with a book on it first. Programming the Canvas is 100% JS.

The only negative statement is the book tends to explain code before showing it. I prefer seeing code and getting the explanation later on how it works. That being said, the book did it's job and I was able to begin developing complex Canvas code (JS) after reading about half of the book, and could rely on Google to get information on anything else I needed.

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