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This book is about networking. It is an explanation of protocols seen running on every single network, the content of which is supported by packet captures and analysis. Each chapter will explain the protocol, the fields displayed in the packet and some other tidbits such as where it came from and operation basics. Each chapter will also have sections for security risks and mitigation. The topics covered in this book include Models, Ethernet, IP, Masking, ARP, ICMP and Equipment.

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"FAIL! Virtually ignores IPv6!" - by mbeckman on 09-JUN-2011
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The author has a useful explanatory model in his Wireshark hands-on approach. Alas, he is way out of date in the scope of coverage, since he only explains the legacy IPv4 protocol in detail, giving IPv6 -- the IP version to which we must all migrate over the next few years -- little attention. How a brand new book on the Internet's core protocols can virtually ignore IPv6 is beyond me. The author makes a few passing references to IPv6, but doesn't describe IPv6 addressing at all, explains nothing of IPv6 neighbor discovery processes, and provides almost zero information about how IPv6 operates on real networks. At 140 pages this book is extremely short -- the author could have added IPv6 details with only a few more pages -- perhaps 30. Hopefully he will do so and the book will live up to its title.
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