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The iPhone and iPad allow user positioning via multiple methods, including GPS. The growing number location-aware, and location-fenced, applications now arriving in the App Store make heavy use of these abilities. This book walks you through the basic tools you need to build geo-aware applications before diving into the available third-party geo-SDKs available for the iOS platform.

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"too much MapKit, not enough 3rd party" - by Anonymous on 18-OCT-2012
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I appreciate the effort in this book to bring together what you can do with MapKit and CoreLocation, as well as bringing in references to 3rd party Map SDK's. However, the discussions of the 3rd party SDK's are nothing more than a statement that they exist and a link to download. Many of the shortfalls of MapKit that the author addresses could be handled with the feature rich capabilities of the 3rd party SDK's. Instead, the author glosses over the 3rd party items and instead promotes their own code downloads that try to 'band-aid' MapKit.
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