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CouchDB is a new breed of database for the Internet, geared to meet the needs of today’s dynamic web applications. With this concise introduction, you’ll learn how CouchDB’s simple model for storing, processing, and accessing data makes it ideal for the type of data and rapid response users now demand from your applications—and how easy CouchDB is to set up, deploy, maintain, and scale.

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"You won't get started" - by Akir Ikasu on 23-APR-2014
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I know this book is called "Getting Started", but you certainly won't be launching any kind of couchdb-backed application with the information in this book. While it does give you the rudimentary knowledge about how couchdb works and how it differs from a more traditional database (in a way that is very easy to understand, I might add), it doesn't go much further than the basics. Yes, couchdb is simple, but even I know better than to make it public without some kind of security in place (a topic almost completely brushed over in this book!)
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