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The Spring framework is the most ubiquitous Java framework today and the easiest way to solve many problems. At some point, however, developers start to feel Java applications just can't be any simpler because Java itself is not very simple. It is at this juncture that most people look for alternatives. For those, there is Spring Roo, the highly productive development framework for Spring users.

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"Too short to be useful" - by stivlo on 12-SEP-2011
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A very slim book covering a lot of ground. However the code generation doesn't go as smooth as pictured in the book. Many problems arise, DB reverse engineering and web MVC code generation most of the time don't even run because of errors.

Examples: Unable to find column with logical name, referencedColumnNames(...) of ... referencing ... not mapped to a single property. See:

These errors arise from purely generated code, that is not even easy to modify since is in protected files. Plus, I've no idea how to fix those errors because I've first to learn more about JPA.

No advice is offered on how to fix any of the problems. Further there is practically no examples of real life customisation.  After reading the book, I am left with many more questions than answers. I don't regret having read it, because it gave me some little more knowledge on  Spring Roo, but I'm very disappointed with the shallowness of this book.

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