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C# offers developers power, but sometimes getting started with basic tasks - like getting information in and out of databases - is harder than it should be. Using Databases with C# provides a gentle introduction to a common but critical task, helping developers moving from other languages build a firm foundation.

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"C# Database Basisc" - by Anonymous on 20-AUG-2012
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Firstly, Access is not a database, so why dedicate a chapter to it?

Secondly, the code examples don't work half the time (you can even copy and paste from the book and they don't work and even reference the wrong information).

Thirdly the author's style and formatting choices are atrocious. It is nigh on impossible to follow what's actually going on and keep track of things. Figures are on different pages than the text and code examples are mixed up in long paragraphs.

You might get some basics from this book by trying to figure things out and then heading over to some other text or the web to get better answers.

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