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What would happen if you optimized a data store for the operations application developers actually use? You’d arrive at MongoDB, the reliable document-oriented database. Learn how to build elegant database applications with MongoDB and PHP. This book takes you through MongoDB basics such as queries, read-write operations, and administration, and then dives into MapReduce, sharding, and other advanced topics.

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Average Rating: 3 out of 5 rating Based on 2 Ratings

"Good Intro to Using MongoDB with PHP" - by revanbus on 06-DEC-2012
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I agree with the review by @cuppett - if you're totally new to MongoDB this is a good introduction. I was new to MongoDB and this provided the basics I needed to know to start using it.

As a minor nit, the frameworks section was a bit anemic. There wasn't much information for some frameworks and some important frameworks with good MongoDB support like Laravel were absent. Just generally increasing the information in the frameworks section or removing it entirely would probably have been good.

Overall, it has everything a technical book should have. The author writes with a friendly style, the coverage of topics is good, and it's technically accurate.

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"A Good Overview" - by cuppett on 08-AUG-2012
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This is a good flyby for PHP developers familiar with the aspects and challenges of database persistence and the flexibility of the PHP array.

If you've spent any time working with MongoDB and PHP, you won't get much from this book; however, if you are looking for alternative to your current persistence engines, this book lays out what you can expect from working with MongoDB.

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