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The enthusiasm behind Node doesn’t just reflect the promise of server-side JavaScript. Developers also have the potential to create elegant applications with this open source framework that are much easier to maintain. Follow author Mike Wilson as he builds a social network application oriented toward real-time updates. Through this, the book shows you how to build complete applications that combine the strengths of Node, the MongoDB scalable storage solution, and the Backbone toolkit for clean application design in the browser.

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"So much promise...yet left so much" - by Jeff Smith on 31-DEC-2012
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The code examples in this book were fine up until chapter 7 and after that it fell apart.  I was sorely disappointed by this book.  My goal when starting this book was to learn enough about the technologies involved to begin writing something cool on my own.  The source code is not available from O'Reilly and there is no errata listed (which is surprising considering the code is quite sloppy).  How about some screenshots people?  Code archive is located at:

Not that it helps much...come on O'Reilly.  

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"Examples Incomplete" - by B. Westmoreland on 27-JUL-2013
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By working through the examples in this book it is possible to learn more about these technologies than when you started.  Unfortunately, there are some glaring omissions that keep the book from being a great learning tool.  First, why is there no github repo referenced where the complete project can be found?  There doesn't appear to be a source code list at the book's index page nor anywhere in the safari books supplementary material.  There are no unit tests for the project, and the UI is not developed until later in the book. It's exceptionally difficult to check one's work between chapters to make sure that everything is working correctly.  There aren't even any screenshots to show what it should look like.  Finally, in the "putting it all together" sections there is new code added without sufficient background or explanation as to why these elements are being added. In short, the book takes some cutting edge technologies slaps them together and expects the reader to put it all together with no room for learning process mistakes to occur.
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