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Views are a key part of database technology, but they're often considered read-only. In this book, Chris Date—a leading expert in relational databases—offers practical techniques that allow you to update the views that a database presents to you.

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"Right explanation of complex things" - by mko on 22-FEB-2013
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This is yet another book from C.J. Date on the relational theory. This time, C.J. takes you on the journey of View updates. The topic is controversial as this is not that obvious whether it is possible to perform view updates or not. C.J. approaches the topic from the relational theory point of view. That means, you will not find any SQL here. Some time ago while I was reading SQL and Relational Theory I claimed that Tutorial D language introduced by C.J. was an unnecessary element. In here, however, I think it serves it’s purpose very well. Thanks to the specifics of Tutorial D, topics are easier to track by reader.

When it comes to the style of the book it’s rather academic one. It means you will find here rather formal language, quite a lot of definitions and mathematically ascetic way of describing concepts presented in the book. I’d suggest this book to people who are experienced with relational theory (it’s too tough for beginners) and for SQL experts who are looking for relational based explanation of problems that are currently not solved in SQL based databases.

I think this book is worth reading but you should be warned it is not an easy and pleasant read. It’s rather demanding position in the field of database. However, if you are ready for that, go for it. Do not hesitate.

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