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Learn how to use the HTML5 Canvas element and related HTML5 capabilities such as video and animation. This four-hour video shows you how to make the most of Canvas by demonstrating the use of compelling applications, including drawing programs and image filters.

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"Wow!! " - by tkousek on 27-NOV-2013
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I have to admit, HTML5 canvas is one of those things I put off for a while as I was working with HTML5/Javascript and CSS.   After all, isn't JQuery, Bootstrap and Angular "fun" :-)   HTML5 canvas...   Ugh... We think of lower level 2 graphics.  Arcs/polygons, shapes, contexts, etc...   Ouch...  That stuff can be painful sometimes as it requires discipline.  And sometimes the reading on that can be "dry".  

Not with David Geary's style of teaching.   I saw David speak at the Java symposium years ago and he is in a class all by himself (in a good way).  When I saw that he authored this class, I thought "He can make this 'painful and sometimes' dry topic of drawing shapes onto a drawing region interesting.

And he did.   The 4 hours of video simply "flew by".  I had done some graphics programming using MFC/C++ back in the 1990's and with Java/C# and most recently with Silverlight a few years back.   I knew about HTML5 canvas but kept putting it off because I needed to focus on the other things like storage, web workers, mvc frameworks, etc...    Canvas just seemed like that "backburner that as it's gonna be painful".

Although graphics programming + canvas is a bit more on the detailed side of things (something you cannot really instantly get up to speed on), you have to discipline yourself to stick with it.  

David Geary makes this topic a little easier than it really is (if that makes any sense).  It's the way he stops to explain things and the gestures he uses to get his point across.   Some of the tips (about transformations) bring several a-ha moments.

Geary is a guru at anything he decides to teach.  And he does not talk over anyone's head.  

I highly recommend this course.  Even if you don't plan on doing much with HTML5 canvas, you'll learn a lot about graphics programming in-general with this course.   Not to mention Javascripting and other things.   This course will make you a better programmer even if you never use html5 canvas in any of your web apps.

I was dreading learning about HTML5 canvas in detail like this.  But after completing the course the way Geary taught it, I see HTML5 canvas in a totally different light.  It presents a "canvas of opportunities" so to speak.

Thanks Mr. Geary for a great course!!!

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Table of Contents



Introduction to the HTML5 canvas element



Transformations, Gradients, and Patterns

Play Video


Compositing and Custom Components



Implementing a Paint Application, Part 1






Implementing a Paint Application, Part 2



Images, Redux






Video and Mobile Devices




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