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For a company that promised to "put a pause on new features," Apple sure has been busy-there's barely a feature left untouched in Mac OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard." There's more speed, more polish, more refinement-but still no manual. Fortunately, David Pogue is back, with the humor and expertise that have made this the #1 bestselling Mac book for eight years straight. You get all the answers with jargon-free introductions to:

  • Big-ticket changes. A 64-bit overhaul. Faster everything. A rewritten Finder. Microsoft Exchange compatibility. All-new QuickTime Player. If Apple wrote it, this book covers it.

  • Snow Leopard Spots. This book demystifies the hundreds of smaller enhancements, too, in all 50 programs that come with the Mac: Safari, Mail, iChat, Preview, Time Machine.

  • Shortcuts. This must be the tippiest, trickiest Mac book ever written. Undocumented surprises await on every page.

  • Power usage. Security, networking, build-your-own Services, file sharing with Windows, even Mac OS X's Unix chassis-this one witty, expert guide makes it all crystal clear.

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Average Rating: 4.4 out of 5 rating Based on 5 Ratings

"It truly should have been in the box" - by new mac user on 11-FEB-2010
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I got this book from the library before buying my MacBook to help familiarize myself with the new world. When I got the SBOD, and freaked out, and found the answer quickly and easily, I knew right then I needed to buy the book as soon as B&N opened.

To a seasoned Windows- but first time Mac-user this book has been absolutely indispensable to me. Finder help is helpful, but it often is not detailed enough, and sometimes avoids a needed subject altogether. Mac OS X is much more user-friendly than Windows, but there are so many features that are totally different, that simple explanations are often not enough.

The book is exhaustive, well-written, in plain English, and mercifully is without the stupid drawings and juvenile humor ubiquitous in the Dummies' and Idiots' series. Shame on Apple for not including in the box.

Do not be intimidated from buying this book by its weight (!) or size. If you're a new Mac user, you'll regret not having it handy.

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