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How do you turn website visitors into customers?

<para><emphasis>Conversion Optimization</emphasis> offers practical advice on how to persuade visitors to make a buying decision -- without driving them away through data overload or tedious navigation. You'll learn how to use marketing principles, design, usability, and analytics on your site to increase your buyer-to-visitor ratio, whether you're involved with marketing or designing a large ecommerce site, or managing a modest online operation.</para><para>Based on the authors' broad experience in helping businesses attract online customers, this book addresses every aspect of the process, from landing visitors to finalizing the sale. You'll learn several techniques for blending successful sales approaches with the particular needs of the people you want to attract. Are you ready to do what it takes to get a double-digit conversion rate?</para> <itemizedlist> <listitem><para>Explore case studies involving significant conversion rate improvements</para></listitem> <listitem><para>Walk through different stages of a sale and understand the value of each</para></listitem> <listitem><para>Understand your website visitors through persona creation</para></listitem> <listitem><para>Connect with potential customers and guide them toward a conversion</para></listitem> <listitem><para>Learn how to deal with FUDs -- customer fears, uncertainties, and doubts</para></listitem> <listitem><para>Examine the path that visitors take from landing page to checkout</para></listitem> <listitem><para>Test any change you make against your original design</para></listitem> </itemizedlist>

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"Cut to the chase. Great Book!" - by SEO Guy on 04-JUN-2012
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Once I bought a book called "Performance Marketing with Google Analytics" and in it, it went on and on about all the theories of everything but never told me anything useful about how to get more traffic and how to convert traffic better. But this book 'Conversion Optimization' is very straight forward and easy to understand. More importantly, there are many useful tips for any web site owners who want to do better in converting traffic to buyers and so on. And the book in this topic is very hard to come by, and it will be one of my digital marketing secret weapon for a long while.

And this book explains many of Google Analytics terms better than many actual Google Analytics books. Great stuff!

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