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Facebook isn't just for college kids anymore. Thousands of companies use the site for everything from project collaboration and advertising to filling--and finding--jobs. This Mini Missing Manual is aimed at professionals who want to use Facebook to help them in the work world. Whether you're looking for a gig or want to boost your company's sales, you'll find useful tips you can apply today.

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"get something back from Facebook" - by Michal Konrad Owsiak on 06-AUG-2011
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Facebook like portals are based on community – if there were no people willing to devote their time for it, Facebook wouldn’t exist. Question rises – am I able to get something back from Facebook? Vander Veer claims that it’s possible. By describing various features of Facebook explains how to utilize them in order to achieve certain goals. I would argue whether title of the book should state “Doing Business” thou. In my opinion this is just a little trick to get peoples’ attention.

I am not Facebook fan at all, that’s why I am not aware of it’s features. I was looking for a book that could shade some light on this topic and was condense at the same time. In this term “Doing Business …” is just fine. After reading section two you can get the feeling of what Facebook is about. If you need brief overlook of most of Facebook features – that’s fine. When it comes doing business (section one), I don’t fully agree with author. I don’t think that creating Facebook resume is a good idea. I think standing out of the crowd would be better idea. Facebook page with links to your personal web site – fine. Moving your resume into Facebook – nope, thanks. In general, I have found what I was looking for. Would I recommend this book? If you don’t know Facebook yet, I think the price of this book makes it a good deal to get it and see what’s behind one of the most recognized logos.

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