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In this book, one of the most highly respected developers in the Java world peels away 15 years of additions and changes to reveal the very best parts of Java, and shows you how those parts alone will help you build better applications. You may not like some of the features this book reveals, but you'll actually write better code with them. Java: The Good Parts is essential for every Java developer, from beginners to advanced programmers.

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"Java has good parts!" - by richhaase on 01-MAY-2013
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When Java was first being adopted by enterprises I was working as a Solaris SysAdmin. Java was the bane of my existence. It was slow. The JVM was horribly buggy and required half a servers available memory just to start up. (Which seemed to take about half a minute on a good day). Not to mention the stupid overly verbose syntax. I hated it with a passion.
In the recent, years I've become aware that this hatred of Java had to go. More and more I was finding that programmers were building cool, fast, and reliable systems in Java. Some of my favorites are Hadoop, HBase, ZooKeeper, and jClouds. But every time I tried to program in Java I felt a deep revulsion. An ingrained hatred of the language that had caused me years of annoyance. Why should I support my old nemesisr? The best reasons I have ever found are enumerated in this extremely readable and informative book. Java: The Good Parts really proved to me that Java is not an appalling language. It's simply a language, like any other, that has it's strengths and weaknesses. Jim Waldo does an excellent job sharing his experiences with Java's strengths, and he even manages to inject a bit of humor.

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"Java: The Good Parts" - by Eoverh on 09-JUN-2010
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It doesn't pretend to teach you anything but offers an interesting view of Java from someone who was somewhat near it at its beginning
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