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Great R: Level 1 will teach you the fundamentals of R, from the basics of using the software as a calculator through creating your own data objects and visualizing them. By the time you're through these lessons, you'll be able to load your own data into R and evaluate it using R's native functions.

Throughout the course, you'll progressively learn to analyze data using R's fundamental data structures: vectors, data frames, arrays, lists, and factors. You'll also learn to write your own functions and plot your data using R's powerful graphics utilities. Finally, you'll try out some mind-blowing visualizations from the famous lattice package.

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"Excellent 2 Hour Video Introduction to R" - by Brandon Weinberg on 22-DEC-2012
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Great beginner-friendly R teacher; Michael is an "advanced" R user who still can relate to "beginner" users and communicated some basics effectively. If someone has wanted to learn R and enjoys visual learning, this provides a clear and helpful two hour "get started with R" and of course it's then up to the viewer to become even an intermediate R user. Two hours is of course not enough to really use R, but this video offers first-time R users some fast and easy lessons. I've always respected experts of any kind that don't pander to the proverbial and inevitable complaints they know will arise, e.g. beginner students that don't demonstrate necessary effort or intermediate/advanced students who are not actually the intended audience. The purpose of this video is to simply get beginners interested in learning R for the first time on their way- it is admirably met with excellent examples. If you're a beginner R user but plan on soon being an intermediate R user, this video is highly recommended. Also, is free and helpful for R beginners. No affiliation with either just appreciate experts that teach at the first-time user level so effectively.
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" " - by lotterblad on 24-APR-2012
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"Good introduction" - by TripETaka on 14-NOV-2011
Reviewer Rating: 1 star rating2 star rating3 star rating4 star rating5 star rating
A reasonably comfortable introduction to using R from the console.

Some nice functions shown and a feel for the important practical bits in doing a simple R analysis. Some nice comments to emphasize the key ideas in an R session.

The author clearly has working knowledge of R, but there were some inaccuracies and little to no reference to it's functional programming heritage. For example methods() and getAnywhere() would have been nice ways to show the how the t.test() function works.

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Table of Contents



Configure Your Environment



Analyze Data with R



Data Objects in R

Play Video


Graphics in R




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