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This short book provides readers with a fun and yet practical introduction to Sinatra, a framework that makes web development with Ruby extremely simple. It's not intended to be a completely comprehensive guide to the framework or an in-depth Ruby tutorial, but will quickly get you up to speed with Sinatra and give you the confidence to start experimenting on your own.

The book is built around a real-life example project: a content management system. It's a fun and easily understandable project that is used to demonstrate the concepts outlined in the book in a practical way.

This is a clear, approachable and very easy-to-follow book that will get you to to speed with Sinatra in no time.

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"Really disappointing" - by Anonymous on 02-MAR-2014
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Book starts off really strong and reads well all the way through and is a good encompassing reference however, after chapter 4 much of the example code does not work. Which makes it useless and confusing as a jumpstart guide..  I thought it was me so it git cloned the git repo given in the book and that code was just as broken... disappointing.
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