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Section 2: Sustainable Development Conce... > Chapter 7: The Drivers for a Sustain... - Pg. 131

131 The Drivers for a Sustainable Chemical Manufacturing Industry George M. Hall University of Central Lancashire, UK Joe Howe University of Central Lancashire, UK Chapter 7 ABSTRACT This chapter describes the current situation of the chemical manufacturing industry and looks to the future demands on the sector such as: for sustainability, the advent of new bio-based feedstocks for improved energy management and the implications of these demands on the sector. These implications include definitions of sustainability criteria for the chemical manufacturing industry and the need for transparent reporting following the Triple Bottom Line approach. The important role of chemical (or more generally, process) engineers in delivering bio-based sustainable solutions is emphasised, but this also suggests that a new way of thinking about the discipline is required. Indeed, there are arguments that the demand for a sustainable chemical manufacturing sector could bring about the next paradigm shift in the discipline with concomitant education implications. INTRODUCTION The Chemical Manufacturing Industry (CMI) can be multinational in operation and varied in scale whilst producing the products which underpin other sectors such as: health provision; clothing; DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-1625-7.ch007 housing and shelter; food and nutrition; enter- tainment and leisure; transport and tourism--the very fabric of human life. The variety of activity in the sector can be said to demand that, "Process Engineering," is a more correct term to encompass industries as widely different as food processing, minerals processing, pharmaceutical manufacture and petroleum refining. However, there is com- Copyright © 2012, IGI Global. Copying or distributing in print or electronic forms without written permission of IGI Global is prohibited.