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Chapter 4: Review of Energy Efficiency A... > POLICY ASSESSMENT IN ENERGY EFFICIEN... - Pg. 66

Review of Energy Efficiency Adoption Literature from a Demand Side Management Perspective Table 6. Criteria and alternatives used for assess- ment of demand side management implementation strategies (Vashishtha & Ramachandran, 2006) Criteria Effectiveness Economic feasibility Compliance flexibility Legal feasibility Potential for market transformation Political feasibility Alternatives Dedicated funds Public benefit charges Revenue regulation Technical support Obligation to perform Tax exemption Promotion through industry associations Promotion through ESCOs Table 7. Assessment criteria of policy assessment (Oikonomou & Jepma, 2008) Effectiveness Reduction of GHG emissions Security of supply Dynamic effectiveness Efficiency Low compliance costs Low transaction costs Low administrative costs Flexibility in exogenous changes Innovation process Invention/innovation/diffusion of new technologies Diffusion of existing technologies Impacts on society Political acceptability POLICY ASSESSMENT IN ENERGY