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In The Unofficial LEGO® Builder's Guide, readers will discover everything from how to craft sturdy walls and a basic sphere to more advanced concepts such as scale and design. Illustrations demonstrate construction tips that can be applied to a wide variety of original creations made from real bricks. Includes essential terminology and an overview of different types of LEGO pieces.

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"Everything you never wanted to know about LEGO" - by Emma on 17-SEP-2012
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I have a three year old son, so Lego features heavily in my past, present and future. This book shows me things I never even wondered about Lego, but now I've seen them, I'm itching to give them a try.

The book depicts some truly brilliant models. Such as a train station which is actually to scale for your little Lego men. A properly constructed wall.  And a sphere, made entirely out of Lego blocks. And when you've made all those, it's graph paper at the ready to design your own awesome buildings.

This book goes further than merely building with Lego. It deals with the always thorny topic of how to store it. Should you use shoeboxes or lunch boxes? And should you stack the boxes by size or colour? Should you display your model or dismantle it? Do you need to set aside a whole basement for your Lego hobby, or will a spare room do? The answers to these agonising problems are gently worked through with an unintentional humour which betrays the obsession of the author, and makes the book a fun, slightly goofy journey through all things Lego.

Only one thing could have improved this. The pictures are all in black and white. I'd like to see some big old colour ones, to really bring the models to life.

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