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Slice your way through the cruft of programming conventions and learn to blaze your own trail with The Book of Ruby. From methods to metaprogramming, you'll gain the skills you need to master the world's most fun programming language with this example-based, hands-on introduction.

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"Ruby reference – sometimes hard to follow" - by Michal Konrad Owsiak on 09-AUG-2011
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I think Book of Ruby was aimed as elementary for the Ruby language however, Huw didn’t achieved his goal at 100%. If you take a look at table of contents you can see that most of the basics of the language are covered. And this is certainly true, but the devil lies in detail – like always.

Book is very well organized, it contains well defined chapters and sections, but at some point is hard to follow. When I was reading it, I found myself getting confused regarding particular topics. Point is – some topics are “under simplified”. This way, you can think that everybody will follow but in fact, people get confused. I know that sometimes it is tempting to tell people “just enough”, in order to make them do, at least, something. But this is a tricky way to teach.

This book should be addressed to people who are in the middle of the road with Ruby programming. It is to complex for beginners – they won’t be attracted by simple examples that don’t lead to anything “fancy”. On the other hand it is too simple for advanced users. I think it should be treated as some sort of companion book for other books – covering Rails.

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