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A Methodological Approach for Blended Communities form of construction that inevitably involves community identity. Finally, the study of identity dynamics in blended communities, let us maintain that the integration of online and offline interactions im- proves learning that, as a social process, promotes changes not only in abilities appropriation but also and above all in identity resources acquisition (Ligorio et al., 2008). STUDY LIMITATIONS AND FUTURE PERSPECTIVES The blended methodological device proposed in this research work combines SNA and PNA to take an accurate picture of a specific moment in the observed event. This quality of our method- ological proposal represents even its weakness as the accurate picture produced is static. Our bers who clearly multiply their communication exchanges. To observe them our methodological approach requires a greater amount of efforts and resources. Obviously it is not impossible: even qualitative content analysis should be supported by information systems able to make consistent and reliable the work of identifying and coding thematic categories in a huge dataset. The aware- ness about weaknesses of our methodological proposal represents the way to make it stronger, as generally each limitation always opens the way to a research potentiality. CONCLUSION The emerging of blended communities addresses our attention on one side to the unexpected psy- chological processes they trigger, on the other side to the unique methodological procedures they