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Chapter 7: Semantic Social Network Analy... > SEMANTIC SOCIAL NETWORK ANALYSIS - Pg. 137

Semantic Social Network Analysis Figure 5. Screenshot of our early interface for navigating a bookmarks database and validating or proposing semantic relations between tags SEMANTIC SOCIAL NETWORK ANALYSIS We saw in previous sections that we can represent user interaction on social web sites using several ontologies, both for representing the explicit part of the social network (network of friends, etc.) but also for building graphs of users based on other implicit markers. In particular, we focused on the semantic enrichment of the folksonomies that can be used to identify communities of interest. Once we have such graphs, we can analyse them via social network analysis (SNA). SNA tries to understand and exploit the key features of social networks in order to manage their life cycle and predict their evolution. Much research has been conducted on SNA using graph theory (Scott 2000) (Wasserman et al 1994). Among important results is the identification of sociometric features that characterize a net-