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Chapter 6: Cultural Barriers to Organiza... > DOES THE FUTURE BELONG TO OTLET OR O... - Pg. 109

Cultural Barriers to Organizational Social Media Adoption DOES THE FUTURE BELONG TO OTLET OR ORWELL Functioning as an Open Source organization, one that allows for the full utilization of social knowledge has many advantages but is not with- out risk. If there is not a concerted effort to bring individuals, government and private sector orga- nizations into a common set of guiding principles over transparency then we may introduce the risk of a long held fear. The final cultural challenge is that of the Orwellian Big Brother state. While still broadly considered a fear of government dictatorial type control over citizens the (re)entry of private contractors into the police enforcement and de- fense market creates a growing fear of this same phenomenon happening via private sector. While that concern is the extreme consider how even low levels of tracking can introduce controls over Google, along with many other search engines and various telecommunications companies have been subpoenaed in the years following September 11, 2001 to provide the government with pools of data in attempts to protect against terrorism. As with any public safety issue there is a balancing act to make sure the safety goal is being achieved without injuring the rights of individuals. To verify that the balance is being kept requires open records to fully understand the process. Currently, however, we only know about these subpoenas through whistleblowers, as the efforts are considered confidential by the government and, as such, do not fall under the requirements of Sunshine Laws. This raises the question: who owns the data that makes up an individual's online persona and who decides how that data can be used? The credit bureaus are some of the largest stores of personal information in the world and they claim ownership