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Recruitment and Retention of Healthcare Professionals rooms, delivery rooms, and chronic care facilities. Dr. Eliseo Orrantia (2005), a family physician in the rural town of Marathon, Ontario, affirms that a supportive team of physicians, ongoing communication between them, personal control over work schedules, and an internal governance agreement on an alternative payment plan, can reduce burnout or departure. There is a fairly wide gap between available training positions in family medicine and the num- ber of students who are willing to pursue family medicine. According to one study conducted by Wright, Scott, Woloschuk and Brennies (2004) only one-fifth of new medical students stated that family medicine was their first career choice. Although most students do not consider family medicine to be their first career choice, they agreed that there was a possibility for them to work in family medicine in the future. Additionally, older students educated in smaller communities were immigrant or foreign-born individuals possessing Canadian citizenship status. Telehealth Telehealth is the distribution of health-related in- formation and services over short or long distances transmitted via telecommunications technology. It can be used for transferring patient information, such as diagnostic medical images and previous medical histories. It can also be used for diagnostic and treatment aspects of health, including video conferencing, that can transmit real-time images and information between medical specialists to analyze the condition of a patient, or provide consultation between rural and non-rural medical professionals or a physician and patient. It has been one option that provincial govern- ments have utilized in order to create a sense of collegiality and professional proximity between