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Chapter 5: Managing and Motivating > JOB DISSATISFACTION AND ATTRITION - Pg. 90

Managing and Motivating Table 1. Degree of Burnout experienced by Health Workers (expressed as % of staff for each score) High Emotional Exhaustion Depersonalisation Personal Accomplishment Lesotho Malawi Lesotho Malawi Lesotho Malawi 42.1% 31% 14.2% 5% 28.7% 27% Medium 29.3% 35 13.7% 18% 26.4% 28% Low 28.6% 34% 72.1% 77% 44.9% 45% JOB DISSATISFACTION AND ATTRITION The close relationship between emotional exhaus- tion and thoughts about leaving the job (evident in the above quote) was borne out by health workers' responses to our questions about job satisfaction and employment intentions. First to get a sense of how health workers perceive their jobs, we asked careers to others also seems to be influenced by their perception of their work environment. Not surprisingly, the more dissatisfied they are with their working environment, the less likely they are to recommend their jobs to others. In order to establish whether such high levels of dissatisfaction were likely to impact on retention we also asked staff whether they had (a) thought about leaving their current employment, and (b)